Anexo II Cláusula standard de arbitraje

AutorMaría Concepción Hill Prados
Cargo del AutorProfesora Titular de Derecho Mercantil

Standard Arbitration Clause

(Institute of London Underwriters, Reinsurance Offices' Association, Lloyd's Insurance Brokers' Association).

  1. All matters in difference between the reassured and the reinsurer (hereinafter referred to as "the parties") in relation to this agreement, including its formation and validity, and whether arising during or after the period of this agreement, shall be referred to an arbitration tribunal in the manner hereinafter set out.

  2. Unless the parties agree upon a single arbitrator within 30 days of one receiving a written request from the other for arbitration, the claimant (the party requesting arbitration) shall appoint his arbitrator and give written notice thereof to the respondent. Within 30 days of receiving such notice the respondent shall appoint his arbitrator and give written notice thereof to the claimant, failing which the claimant may apply to the appointor hereinafter named to nomÌnate an arbitrator on behalf of the respondent.

  3. Should the arbitrators fail to agree, then they shall within 30 days of such disagreement appoint an umpire to whom the matter in difference shall be referred. Should the arbitrators fail within such period to appoint an umpire, then either of them or either of the parties may apply to the appointor for the appointment of the umpire.

  4. Unless the parties otherwise agree, the arbitration tribunal shall consist of persons employed or engaged in a sÈnior position in insurance or reinsurance underwriting.

  5. The arbitration tribunal shall have power to fix all procedural rules for the holding of the arbitration including discretionary power to...

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