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"Una lección clínica en la Salpetrière" (1886). Grabado de Abel Lurat (1829-1890) inspirado en base a la obra de Pierre André Brouillet (1857-1914).

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I am pleased to provide this foreword for this important new addition to the literature on clinical and criminal forensic psychology. The coverage of topics in Dr. Bernat-N. Tiffon's excellent book will provide readers with a broad overview of key issues in this exciting field. This book should be essential reading for anyone interested in learning about what psychology can contribute to the legal arena.

The scope of the book refl ects the fact that psychology and law is a broad field that encompasses the varied roles that mental health professionals may play in providing knowledge, expertise, or services to the legal system. This book covers an impressive range of topics, including psycho- pathology, expert testimony, involuntary commitment, violence and crime, child pornography, pedophilias, cybercrime, and mothers in prison.

The contributions of mental health professionals in the legal arena has been enhanced by more speci fic training programs. For example, when the field of psychology and law began to expand in the 1970s, the majority of psychologists who conducted research or engaged in practice were not speci fically trained in psychology and law. This began to change with the creation of the first psychology and law graduate program in the United States, when the University of Nebraska began its program in 1973 (Krauss & Sales, 2006). Since then, programs have been established in many universities in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and elsewhere in the world (Bersoff et al., 1999). Spain developed one of the first internet based education programs for forensic psychologists, when the Curso en Psicopatología Criminal of the Centro Internacional de Formación e Investigación en Psicopatología Criminal was established. Its first graduates completed the program in December, 2007. Page 26

The field has also been advanced by the publication of journals that allowed for the dissemination of research studies. Law and Human Behavior was the first journal devoted entirely to law and psychology. It began publication in 1977. Since then, the field has added many new journals, reflecting the substantial increases in research and practice that psychology and law has enjoyed over the past 40 years. The list is extensive but includes...

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