ANEXO IV SOVIET COAL CHARTER 1962 (Amended May 1971, January 1981 an Januari 1987) For Coal, Coke and Coaltarpitch from the U.S.S.R. CODE ÑAME: «SOVCOAL» (Latout 1971)

AutorGerardo Conesa Prieto
Cargo del AutorDoctor en Derecho

´SOVCOALATICª TERMS (applicable as from 1 November, 1988)

Notwithstanding anything herein contained it is agreed between the parties hereto that this charterparty shall include the ´SOVCOALATICª Terms as set out in the following additional clauses:

CI. 26-Clause 2 (c) and (d) to be considered deleted and substituted by the following clause:

The freight (less advance at port of loading, if any), plus demurrage (if any) or less despatch money (if any) shall be settled within eight days of receipt by ATIC, Paris of the net freight account supported by certifÌcate of delivery and certified time-sheets visaed by ATIC's Representativa, each of the above documents accompanied by 4 copies.

CI. 27-Clause 3 to be completed as follows:

Notices of definite loading date (lines 34/35) to be given to ´PROMEXPORTª Moscow...

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