Compulsory vaccination: a topic to be discussed.

AutorSomsri Wiwanitkit - Viroj Wiwanitkit

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Sir, the recent report on "About «responsibility» of vaccination" is very interesting [1]. Indeed, the vaccination is the medical measure aiming mainly at primary prevention. The mass scale should be the primary focus.

The existed dilemmas on vaccination include "free VS charge" and "non compulsory VS compulsory". Indeed, the situation might be simple if there is no outbreak of disease. In case with pandemic infection, the concern on mass immunization is required and the provision of vaccination by the government without charge is usually done. Nevertheless, forcing of population to receive vaccine is still controversial whether it violates the right or not. Despite serious outbreak, the poor compliance of the vaccination can still be seen [2] and this can be problematic. In case that a risk person denies vaccination, "can medical staff force he/she?" is usually the problem.

A fact to be thought is whether it is right if the one who denied vaccination get infection and spread it to the others. In this...

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