Current issues on human rights

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70 years on from the approval of the Universal Declaration of Human
Rights is a good time to stop and think. The international symposium,
the conclusions of which this book summarises, refl ected the viewpoints,
expressed through thought-provoking presentations and debates, of
experts from around the world, from diverse cultures and from varying
schools of thought about human rights. This compendium has been
specially prepared with those who have a particular interest in the many
topics discussed in mind. The collaboration between IPSA and the Carlos
III University in the field of human rights is an honor. The founder
of Carlos III University, Gregorio Peces-Barba, was one of the great
theorists on human rights and one of the draftsmen commissioned for the
1978 Spanish Constitution, a document that enshrined those values. This
is his legacy. The University through the Department of International and
Ecclesiastical Law and Philosophy of Law and other institutes, such as
the Human Rights Institute Bartolomé de las Casas, among others, keep
the fl ame of refl ection burning bright. Likewise, IPSA is an organisation
perturbed by the problems of our time. We hope that the reader will take
advantage of these studies and refl ections, which have great academic
quality and scientifi c rigor.
On 23-24 May 2019 at Carlos III University, Getafe Campus, a
human rights symposium, entitled “Current issues on human rights”,
was held. 30 scholars with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise
came from 13 countries, spread across 4 continents. The a liation of
the symposium participants was from the following academic centres
and countriesŚ University of Central Oklahoma, USAś Université de
Bamako, Maliś Lazarski University, Polandś Gaston Berger University,
Senegalś Washburn Universityś University of Maryland, Baltimore
(UMBC). Unites Statesś Institute of Social Sciences, University of
Lisbon, Portugalś University Santa Ursula – Rio de Janeiro, Brazilś

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