Conversation about the saks institute for mental health law, policy, and ethics and our focus on the mental health consumer

AutorChristopher Schnieders/Elyn Saks
Cargo del AutorThe Saks Institute, University of Southern California (USA)
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The Saks Institute, University of Southern California (USA)
“Our objective is to help people with mental illness lead fulfilling and
productive lives.”
This short essay is a reflection about our work at the Saks Institute for Mental
Health Law, Policy and Ethics at the University of Southern California’s Gould
School of Law, our focus on mental health consumers as primary contributors to
our work, and our research study about Supported-Decision Making (SDM) for
people with mental health disorders.
The Saks Institute was founded in 2010 by Professor Elyn Saks as a think-
tank dedicated to interdisciplinary and collaborative research among scholars,
professionals, consumers and policymakers. The goal is to study issues at the
intersection of metal health law and ethics as well as influence policy reform and
advocacy actions for improved treatment of people with mental illness.
Our mission is to stimulate discussion, advance understanding, develop
solutions, and change the way society addresses mental illness. We aim to produce
work and scholarship of consequence to address one of the greatest challenges
in contemporary society. We believe an interdisciplinary approach to these
important issues will promote a society of well-rounded persons who work with
deep satisfaction and integrity and enjoy a clear mind.
The institute engages experts in law, medicine, psychiatry, psychology, social
work, philosophy, neuroscience, and public policy to address these issues and
promote advocacy actions for improved treatment of people with psychiatric
disabilities. We want to be a “driver-of-change” in how society defines, perceives
and treats individuals with mental illness. Our ultimate goal is creating direct social
impact to ensure people with mental illness are treated as citizens with decency,
respect and civil rights.
Professor Saks contributes first-hand knowledge as an internationally recognized
scholar in the field and the ethical dimensions of medical research. She was
diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in her early twenties. Despite this serious
challenge, she is now tenured as the Orrin B. Evans Distinguished Professor of Law,
Psychology & Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences at the USC Gould School of

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