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AutorMaría Gabriela Sarmiento
CargoAdministrador de Proyectos, Unidad e-Strategy, Comercio-e y servicios-e para países en desarrollo,BDT, Unión Internacional de Telecomunicaciones,Place des Nations


  1. What for?: What are the benefits for a country to go into e-commerce?

    Definition (source UNCTAD): E-commerce is about doing business electronically. It is based on e-processing and transmission of data, text, sound and video. It implies many diverse activities such as e-trade of goods and services, online delivery of digital content, e-funds transfer, e-trade sharing, e-bills of landing, public procurement, direct consumer marketing, after sales services, etc. It involves products, services (information services, financial and legal services), health care, education, and virtual malls. (11)

    - Information society. The Internet is a major research tool. The Net makes societies more efficient. The Web is a great tool for distributing technical and scientific information. It has become a mean to get and give advise through discussion forums, chat rooms, etc. It is a source of new ideas without geographic or time barriers.(3)

    - E-government/E-Administration/E-Voting/E-Procurement. Governments are being reinvented with Internet (US White House). Governments can take profit of e-commerce in terms of the services it delivers and its relationship with the citizens. Internet is a new tool for personal and political expression for citizens. (10)

    - E-Entertainment/Travel/Games/Music/Books/Software. The Internet provides new offerings on entertainment such as new ways to get information. Multimedia offers applications such as design, learning, marketing, consumer services, news and information, education, health care, and entertainment. Internet allows virtual travel agencies which combines price advantages with ready access to a server available 24h a day. (5)

    - E-Learning. Students across the world are discovering a huge quantity of data via Internet. The Internet is at the center of a learning revolution that is being adopted by many business entities. (e.g. online training, self-study courses at a supplier’s website, online classrooms). Computer based training programmes provide flexibility in skills acquisitions and are more affordable than traditional seminars. (8)

    - E-Health. Doctors use telemedicine to administer off-site diagnoses to patients in need. Improved health conditions and access to health information contribute significantly to economic growth (e.g. healthier workers are more productive). Government policies that promote health education help people lead healthier lives by increasing their access to relevant information. IT & e-commerce health care applications can reduce costs. (8)

    - Jobs. E-Commerce represents a strategic window of opportunity to promote job-creation and entrepreneurship. (3) Employment is not concentrated in firms, but is diffused on Internet. Such developments make that the patters of work move away from fixed time slots and locations, offices and factories, suburbs and shopping centers, etc. (5) Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), international trade, and product market competition have an impact on the labour market. The demand for skills (i.e. IT professionals and computer engineers combined with strong business application skills) is being affected by the spread of Internet, the growth of e-commerce, and on-line activities. There is a need for a multi skilled work force. E-Commerce needs people with a waste range of skills. Another event that affects the labour market is that the international competition and trade have increased because of the falling cost of telecommunications and increased availability of ICT. Unnecessary business travels are reduced by using ICT. (8) The Net encourages unique products, flexible working arrangements, and the easy entry of competitors from the world over into an equal market. Jobs and disabled people...

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