Reino Unido y Gibraltar - United Kingdom and Gibraltar

Cuadernos de Gibraltar – Gibraltar Reports
Número 2/Issue # 2, 2016-2017, pp. 353-558
ISSN 2444-7382
Ordered to be printed 21 February 2017 and published 1 March 2017
Published by the Authority of the House of Lords
European Union Committee
13th Rep ort of S ess ion 2016–17
HL Paper 116
Brexit: Gibraltar
Cuadernos de Gibraltar – Gibraltar Reports
Número 2/Issue # 2, 2016-2017, pp. 353-558
ISSN 2444-7382
Documentación – Documentation
11 The European Union Committee
The European Union Com mittee is appointed each session “to scr utinise documents deposited
in the House by a Min ister, and other matters relating to the Eu ropean Union”.
In practice th is means that the Select Commit tee, along with its Sub-Comm ittees, scrutinises
the UK Govern ment’s policies and actions in respect of t he EU; considers and seeks to
influenc e the development of policies and draft law s proposed by the EU institutions; and
more generally repre sents the House of Lords in its dealing s with the EU institution s and other
Member States.
The six Sub- Committees are as follows:
Energy and Environment Sub-Committee
External A ffairs Sub-Com mittee
Financial A ffairs Sub-Comm ittee
Home Aff airs Sub- Committee
Internal Ma rket Sub-Committee
Justice Sub- Committee
The Members of the Eu ropean Union Select Committee are:
Baroness Ar mstrong of Hill Top Baroness Kenne dy of The Shaws Lord Trees
Lord Boswell of Aynho (C hai rm an) Earl of Kinnoull Baroness Verma
Baroness Brown of Ca mbridge Lord Liddle Lord Whitty
Baroness Browning Baroness Prashar Baroness Wilcox
Baroness Falkne r of Margravine Lord Selkirk of Douglas Lord Woolmer of Leeds
Lord Green of Hurstpierpoint Baroness Suttie
Lord Jay of Ewelme Lord Teverson
Further info rmation
Publications, pres s notices, details of membership, for thcoming meetings and ot her information
is available at
General infor mation about the House of Lords and its Comm ittees is available at
Committee staff
The current st aff of the Committee are Ch ristopher Johnson (Principa l Clerk), Stuart Stoner
(Clerk), Pippa Westwood (Second Clerk) and Alice Delaney (Committee A ssistant).
Contact details
Contact details for ind ividual Sub-Committe es are given on the website. General
correspondence should b e addressed to the Clerk of the European Un ion Committee,
Committee Off ice, House of Lords, London, SW1A 0PW. Telephone 020 7219 5791. Email
Twi tt e r
You can follow the Committee on Twitter: @LordsEUCom.
Cuadernos de Gibraltar – Gibraltar Reports
Número 2/Issue # 2, 2016-2017, pp. 353-558
ISSN 2444-7382
Summar y 3
Chapter 1: Introduction 5
Overview 5
Gibraltar’s current relationship w ith the EU 5
This report 6
The work of the EU Committee 6
Chapter 2: The economic implications 7
The impact on Gibraltar 7
Financial ser vices and online gaming 7
Tou r is m 8
Avia tio n 8
Port se rvices 8
Higher education 8
EU funding 9
Economic links to the UK 10
Implications for Spain and t he Campo de Gibraltar 10
Looking to the fut ure 11
Conclusions 11
Chapter 3: The frontier with Spa in 13
An historic ‘pressure point 13
Implications of Brexit for the border 13
The impact of border restrict ions 14
Cross-border cooperation 15
The impact for Spain 15
Future border manage ment 16
Regulation 17
Conclusions 18
Chapter 4: Implications for the sovereignty d ispute 19
Relations under com mon EU membership 19
Brexit and the sovereignty dispute 20
Conclusions 22
Chapter 5: An uncertain future 23
Gibraltar’s role in Brexit negotiations 23
Responsibilities of the U K Government 24
Gibraltar’s future relationsh ip with the EU 24
Relations with Spain outside the EU 25
Conclusions 26
Summary of conclusions and recommendations 28
Appendix 1: List of Members and declar ations of interest 31
Appendix 2: List of witnesses 33
Appendix 3: Analysis of t he main provisions of Local Border
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