Recommended minimum funding for participants in the acs cryonic suspension program

AutorFrancisco Lledó Yagu?e - Susana Infantes Esteban
Aspectos jurídico-científicos de la criónica en seres humanos 233
Options Minimum
Option 1
Whole body suspension using the “California Procedure” & long-term cryo-
genic storage at the Cryonics Institute facility near Detroit, MI. This funding
also provides funding for “field standby” if available.
Option 2
Whole body suspension by Cryonics Institute procedures, with long-term
cryogenic storage at the CI facility near Detroit (funding recommended in-
cludes transportation allowance, and establishment of a research and reani-
mation fund under ACS management.)
Option 3
Whole body suspension by the Cryonics Institute with long-term cryogenic
storage at the CI facility near Detroit, MI. ACS will provide assitance only if
called upon to do so by the Cryonics Institute. There is no fund management
by ACS under this plan. Participants become members of both the American
Cryonics Society and the Cryonics Institute. Minimum funding recommen-
dation does not include membership fees for either the Cryonics Institute or
the American Cryonics Society.
An ACS protective LN2 storage container is employed as an additional safeguard. We
recommend an additional $5,000 be provided as a transportation allowance and for local
mortuary assistance.
* Under all three options, vitrification procedures are used where appropriate with em-
phasis on vitrifying brain tissue.
** Unless otherwise specified by the member, ACS will apply the funds made available
to what it determines to be the most appropriate of the above options based upon the circum-
stances presented at the time of deanimation.
*** Funding recommendations are subject to future changes.
Recommended Minimum Funding
ACS members typically provide funding through life insurance, which is readily af-
fordable for most people. Alternative funding includes annuities, trusts, designated bank ac-
counts, stock funds and real estate. In some cases ACS will accept responsibility for suspen-
sion of a patient where less than the above minimums are provided.
Often associated companies work with the American Cryonics Society (“ACS”) to help
provide cryonics services for ACS members. In addition, ACS has limited independent in-

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