Recommendation N° 20. Marine protected zones on the high seas


Page 117

1) States should start the negotiations for an Implementation Agreement of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea that would set forth a commonly agreed "package" on a global regime for the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction;

2) The basic components of the future Implementation Agreement should be:

- the establishment of a network of high seas marine protected areas,

- a procedure for environmental impact assessment of hight level dont le contenu et l'effectivité garantissent un haut niveau de protection,

- a regime for marine genetic resources, including access and benefit sharing,

- provisions on capacity building and transfer of technology;

3) As regards marine protected areas, consideration should be given to a number of elements, such as, inter alia:

- the provision of a List of high seas marine protected areas of world importance;

- the definition of common criteria for the choice of high seas marine protected areas (importance for the conservation of biological diversity, ecosystems or habitats of endangered species; special interest at the scientific, aesthetic, cultural or educational level; etc.).

- a procedure for the inscription of high seas marine protected areas on the List based on a decision taken by the parties to the Implementation...

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