Participation in the American Cryonics Society Suspension Program for Cryonicists in the UK and Europe

AutorFrancisco Lledó Yagu?e - Susana Infantes Esteban
Aspectos jurídico-científicos de la criónica en seres humanos 229
Although the membership base of the American Cryonics Society is primarily in the
USA, we welcome members and suspension program participants from all over the world.
The American Cryonics Society works closely with the Cryonics Institute (CI) and members
of CI in either the UK or continental Europe. Cryonicists in UK and Europe will find many
advantages in being ACS members concurrently with being members of CI. Alcor members
residing outside the US can establish a dedicated fund or trust to be managed by ACS as a
“new life fund” for the member.
The American Cryonics Society (ACS) was incorporated in 1969. We have offered a
full service suspension program since in 1972. Our suspension program has been developed
and modified over time to maximize the possibility of successful revival for the patients. To
achieve this goal, the member should have a prompt suspension with the best technology
available, be kept safely in suspension, have assets devoted to long term maintenance, have
their ultimate revival kept safe from any possible mismanagement or fraud, and have such as-
sets invested wisely so that they can grow faster than inflation. Funds should be available for
ultimate revival and for a “new life fund. The member should have access to his funds upon
revival. ACS works cooperatively with Suspended Animation, Inc. (SA), the Cryonics Insti-
tute (CI), and other organizations to achieve these ends.
The American Cryonics Society is a full service cryonics organization. By this, we mean
ACS takes responsibility for our patients during every phase of their trip through time. The
American Cryonics Society makes use of the services of the Cryonics Institute and Suspended
Animation, Inc. and has hired other suspension providers at various times. This is somewhat
akin to building a house. The homeowner hires a general contractor to build his house. The
general contractor may use various sub-contractors to construct the dwelling but the general
contractor is always the person responsible for completing the project. The general contractor
can hire and fire sub-contractors as he sees fit.
A step-by-step guide on how we hope to achieve these goals is detailed in the paper entitled
A Time Travel Guide for the Cryonaut.” Here is a brief summary of these steps:
The American Cryonics Society is a member-run organization that emphasizes individ-
ual initiative. We don’t patronize our members. We don’t assume that we have special knowl-
edge about future technological advances that is unknown to them. Thus we give members
individual choices whenever possible on such matters as fund management and method of
Cryonicists outside the US should employ local legal counsel to advise them on steps to
take to establish the legal authority to have their bodies placed in cryonic suspension and sent
to the US for long term cryogenic storage. Once the patient has arrived on US soil, the Ameri-
can Cryonics Society relies upon the anatomical donation laws for its authority.

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