Cryonic suspension forms

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Aspectos jurídico-científicos de la criónica en seres humanos 225
People who wish to participate in the suspension program of the American Cryonics Soci-
ety, Inc. (“ACS”) must do three things:
E- Mail:,
Web Page:
MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 1509, Cupertino, CA 95015
FAX: (801)720-9001 PHONE: 1-800-523-2001
People who wish to participate in the suspension program of the American Cryonics
Society, Inc. (“ACS”) must do three things:
One: Become a member of the American Cryonics Society and pay regular membership
dues (see “Membership Application”).
Two: Give ACS the legal authority to perform a suspension.
Three: Provide funding for the cryonic suspension experiment which consists of: the ini-
tial freezing; indefinite long-term maintenance; research; and future revival attempts (if any).
While ACS makes no guarantees of future success or the adequacy of funds, we provide
funding guidelines (see “Minimum Recommended Funding”) based upon projecting present
costs to future situations.
Candidates fill out a set of forms, and provide funding (often through a life insurance
policy). The following is a list of the forms needed with several choices of “forms packs” given
below. The forms are indexed so you may go directly to the on-line form, fill it out, and US
mail it back to us. Your suspension arrangements are *not* in place, and ACS has no respon-
sibility for you, until you send us evidence of insurance coverage, and pay membership dues.
Our “on-line” net page forms consist only of items one through five of “A. The Suspen-
sion Forms Pack.” These may be downloaded free of charge from our website: HTTP://ameri-; or by first-class mail. We request a $15.00 donation for the mailed forms to
help defray the costs of printing and mailing. To obtain other forms you must first become a
Full or Associate member of ACS. Please note that all forms are copyright ACS and may be
used only by people seeking to become ACS members.
Applicants may also wish to participate in the ACS-CI, co-op membership plan. Under
this plan the member is entitled to all benefits of both CI and ACS membership, with long-
term cryogenic storage at the Cryonics Institute’s facility near Detroit. The full particulars of
this Co-0p plan are presented elsewhere. In addition to the ACS documents, plan participants
should complete a CI Suspension Contract, available for free download at: HTTP://www. Alternatively, ACS will mail you this document along with your sign-up forms

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